Terms of purchase, warranty and returns


The warranty obligations of InvizBox Ltd. for this product are limited to the terms set forth below:

What is covered:

This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in this product for a period of 24 months from the date of shipping of this product.

What is Not Covered:

This limited warranty does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from any alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, exposure to excess moisture, fire, improper packing and shipping (such claims must be presented to the carrier), lightning,power surges, or other acts of nature. This limited warranty does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from the installation or removal of this product, any unauthorized tampering with this product, any repairs attempted by anyone unauthorized by InvizBox Ltd. Any attempt to alter the functionality of the InvizBox beyond it’s original use will render this warranty void. This is to include (but not limited to) any remote shell based access to the router to perform tasks not directly authorised in writing by InvizBox ltd. In short, if you use a shell over SSH (or any other medium) and break things, it’s your own fault and we wont be held responsible. We will probably help you anyway, because we’re nice like that. Any attempt to put a firmware on the InvizBox that is not directly authorised by InvizBox ltd. will render this warranty void.

Who is covered:

Only the original purchaser of this product is covered under this limited warranty. This limited warranty is not transferable to subsequent purchasers or owners of this product.

Returns under warranty:

The cost of return to InvizBox will be borne by the purchaser. If your return is within warranty and the defect has not been caused by user damage there are no handling charges for the repair and subsequent return to the purchaser. If the defect is not covered under warranty (e.g. where there is a fall/impact or water damage,improper use or that the product is outside the manufacturer’s warranty) we will send you a quotation for repairs. You can choose whether you agree with the repair (at the specified amount) or refrain from further settlement. In the latter case, your product will be sent back to you with a bill for any research and / or transport costs.

Change your mind:

If you are the the original purchaser and have changed your mind, we offer a 30 days money back guarantee. You will need to return the product to us at your cost. You can do this by contacting us at support@invizbox.com or submit a ticket at https://support.invizbox.com


Please be kind to us and we’ll be kind to you 🙂 We will not tolerate abuse towards our staff and will not respond to those who are abusive. Further, we reserve the right to cancel your order and issue a refund at our discretion.


We charge your chosen payment method at the time of checkout. We will ship your InvizBox as soon as we can. Occasionally delays occur so please try to bear with us if that happens to you. If you have any concerns around this, please check our next shipment date with us before ordering by contacting our support team at https://support.invizbox.com

Privacy Policy:

This also covers our privacy policy located here : https://www.invizbox.com/privacypolicy/